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Susan's blog was created to share with friends and relatives related to Special Occasion,Traditional Chinese Festival,Chinese Lunar New Year & Festival Dishes,Chinese Lunar New Year Cookie Recipes,Nonya Kueh and Cake Recipes.

Susan's blog was created to share with friends and relatives related to Special Occasion, Traditional Chinese Festival, Chinese Lunar New Year & Festival Dishes, Chinese Lunar New Year Cookie Recipes, Nonya Kueh and Cake Recipes, Chinese Zodiac sign for Year 2006.

Friday, September 29, 2006

D.I.Y. Snowskin Mooncake

D.I.Y Snowskin Mooncake

D.I.Y Snowskin Mooncake
Like the light aroma of green tea to the bitter-sweet taste of chocolates, snowskin mooncakes can be as varied as you like. And it’s easy to make – just use edible cooked flour (no more baking!), add your favourite paste, and voila – you are set to impress your friends!

Snowskin Mooncake Ingredients:
400gm Premix Flour
50gm Vegetable Shortening
155ml Water and green tea essence
5ml Green tea essence
466gm Green Tea Paste

D.I.Y Snowskin Mooncake Step by Step:

D.I.Y Snowskin Mooncake

1. Pour all the premix flour into the baking blender or mixer. Add shortening, water and green tea essence.

D.I.Y Snowskin Mooncake

2. Stir to ensure consistency of the dough.

D.I.Y Snowskin Mooncake

3. Spread a little flour on a clean table. Put dough on table, and knead it thoroughly.

D.I.Y Snowskin Mooncake

4. Roll the dough into a long, cylindrical shape.

D.I.Y Snowskin Mooncake

5. Cut the dough up into small pieces, measuring about 3 cm long, and weighing about 30g depending on mould size.

D.I.Y Snowskin Mooncake

6. Flatten the dough – this is the snowskin of one mooncake.

D.I.Y Snowskin Mooncake

7. Roll the green tea paste into a round ball, weighing about 35g. Put the paste in the middle of the snowskin.

D.I.Y Snowskin Mooncake

8. Fold in the dough slowly so as to envelope the green tea paste filling.

D.I.Y Snowskin Mooncake

9. Coat the traditional wooden mould with a bit of flour (to prevent sticking). Put the mooncake in one of the moulds.

D.I.Y Snowskin Mooncake

10. Press the dough in firmly but gently and take away the access dough.

D.I.Y Snowskin Mooncake

11. Then knock the mould on all sides until a perfectly shaped mooncake slides out, voila you just make yourself a tea flavour Snowskin mooncakes.

Store the Snowskin mooncakes in the fridge for a cold, refreshing bite. Snowskin mooncakes can keep for 10 days, as compared to the traditional baked mooncakes, which can keep for up to 3 months.


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