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Susan's blog was created to share with friends and relatives related to Special Occasion,Traditional Chinese Festival,Chinese Lunar New Year & Festival Dishes,Chinese Lunar New Year Cookie Recipes,Nonya Kueh and Cake Recipes.

Susan's blog was created to share with friends and relatives related to Special Occasion, Traditional Chinese Festival, Chinese Lunar New Year & Festival Dishes, Chinese Lunar New Year Cookie Recipes, Nonya Kueh and Cake Recipes, Chinese Zodiac sign for Year 2006.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Popiah or Spring Roll 薄饼 Recipes Pt 2

Chinese Festival Dishes Popiah [Spring Roll] 薄饼

Popiah or Spring Roll 薄饼 Recipes Pt 2

Popiah or Spring Roll 薄饼 Filling:
1. Cucumbers, chredded 2 whole pcs
2. Bean sprouts, roots plucked 300 g
3. Coriander plants, cut 2 Handfuls
4. Chinese lettuce leaves 2 to 3
5. Lap Cheong (sausages) 5 pcs
6. Omelettes made with 3 eggs
7. Small prawns, peeled 1 to 11/2 pcs
8. Steamed crab meat 300 g
9. Pounded toasted peanuts 100 g
10.Garlic, peeled and chopped 100 g
11.Fresh red chillies, pounded 200g
12.Tee cheo (dark sweet sauce) 1 small bowl

Popiah or Spring Roll 薄饼 To Serve:
1. Large "poh piah" skins 20 to 30 pcs
2. Sugar 2 tbl
3. Fried pounded "pee hee"
4. Vegetable oil

Popiah or Spring Roll 薄饼 Method:
1. Mix peanuts with sugar.

2. Deep fry 1/2 of the garlic in oil.

3. Wash prawns and leave shells on. Rinse "lap cheong". Steam "lap cheong" for about 3 minutes till cooked. Repeat with prawns till a bright orange pink colour. If using fresh crabs, crack the claws and steam till the shell is bright red.

4. When ingredients are cool, slice "lap cheong" finely. Peel prawns and crabs.

5. Shreds eggs finely. Arrange all ingredients in plates and bowls.

6. Fold each poh piah skin into 4 and arrange on a plate. Cover with damp cloth.

7. Boil the filling. Invert a small bowl in a large bowl and spoon the filling over. Serve.

8. Spread out a skin on your plate. Spread out the skin over the whole skin and spread over with some "tee cheo", raw garlic and chillies.

9. Place a lettuce leaf on top and spread some filling on top of that. Sprinkle over a little of the rest of the ingredients on roll up "poh piah" tucking in both corners.


  • At 22/2/08 15:40, Blogger Hwee said…

    Thanks Susan! I googled for popiah recipe for my fellow Singaporeans. We're based in Shanghai, and one of us bringing back 1.5kg of popiah skin. My mom gave me the recipe, but i lost it. And your's is so nice and simple, i'm going to use it. Thanks!


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