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Susan's blog was created to share with friends and relatives related to Special Occasion,Traditional Chinese Festival,Chinese Lunar New Year & Festival Dishes,Chinese Lunar New Year Cookie Recipes,Nonya Kueh and Cake Recipes.

Susan's blog was created to share with friends and relatives related to Special Occasion, Traditional Chinese Festival, Chinese Lunar New Year & Festival Dishes, Chinese Lunar New Year Cookie Recipes, Nonya Kueh and Cake Recipes, Chinese Zodiac sign for Year 2006.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Ching Ming Festival 清明節 2006

Traditional Chinese Festival Ching Ming 清明節

Ching Ming Festival 清明節 2006

Ching Ming 清明節 a traditional chinese festival is also known as the grave-sweeping festival. It's observed ten day before and after 5th April 2006 this year. Chinese families show their respect to ancestors & loved ones by visiting their graves to clear away weeds, touch up gravestone inscriptions, burn incense and make food & wine offerings. The burning of imitation paper money & other paper goodies is for the deceased to use in the afterlife. In modern days, there are fancy paper goodies including clothes, radios, TVs, cars, etc.

Ancestor worship is the native religion of China and that may have been the origin of Ching Ming festival. Buddhism, Christianity and Islam were imported to China. Confucianism & Taoism started in China but are philosophies rather than religions. In Confucianism, ancestor worship is incorporated as the virtue of filial piety.


  • At 25/9/07 00:45, Blogger Teng Foon said…

    Hi Susan, Nice share there regarding all the Chinese festival history, very interesting. Here, i also hav grabbed the Chang Er image from ur blog, i very like the image so much. Mayb 2moro i will upload the image in my blog, fill free to have a look to my blog.^_^


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